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This recipe came from the January/February 2010 issue of Everyday Food and it was wonderful, fast and easy.  It also fits in my category of $10 meals, something I always try to do. 

All you do is get 1 pound of shrimp, 2 bunches of green onions, a bag of snow peas, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, garlic and lemon juice and black pepper.  It is supposed to be served over white rice but we are watching our carbs so we left that out.

I took the lazy way and bought the shrimp already cleaned.  They were $5 a pound so it wasn’t bad.  You throw them in a hot wok with some olive oil and let them turn pink.  Add the red pepper flakes and minced garlic.  Add your onions and snow peas.  Their recipe did not call for the snow peas, I added those since we weren’t having the rice.  Next time I might add more veggies.  Let them cook then add the lemon juice.  I added just a bit of soy sauce that wasn’t in the original.

This is one you will keep when you need something fast and satisfying. In this issue you will also find the proper way to stir fry which is basically common sense but sometimes you need it layed out for you.



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