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Do you make a list when you grocery shop?  I have always had a regular list typed and I keep copying and highlighting what I need that week.  I add things that are for special recipes that I want to try at the bottom.  You get the picture.

So this morning I was searching the internet to find a site that does it for you.  I had heard about one and couldn’t remember the name but when you google ‘grocery list maker’, you get a lot of results.  I was kind of amazed.

These people must have had quick speed to get the name, Grocerylistmaker.  It’s a good list maker.  You just click what you need and print it.  It’s very simple but you don’t always have your computer out and ready when you realize that your kid ate all the peanut butter and put the empty jar back in the pantry.

Kitchen Monki — I am glad I came across this one.  It is interactive with the recipe planner and list maker.  Plan your meals and voila, the list done.  Print it or send it to your phone.  There are thousands of recipes, food news and humor.  And I love the little monkey face!

Keep and Share offer ready-made lists for all different types of diet.  You just print the pre-made list and off you go.

I stopped after these three.  There are so many out there and if I didn’t quit, I would never leave and get my shopping done.

So I’m off with my list in hand!

Live well, Laugh often, Love much!



Posted on: June 6, 2010

Does anything say summer more than food cooked on a charcoal grill?  I don’t think so.   We have used a gas grill for years just because of convenience.  Something lately has made me want to smell the fire and taste that the food was actually grilled.

We bought a small Weber grill so we could do just that.  And ya know, it was wonderful.  Watching the coals change from black to grey with the fire burning red-hot in them.  I was so excited.

I figured we would take it quick and easy and make hamburgers for our first adventure in charcoal.  What could be better? 

And they were.  Grilled perfectly medium rare.  You know the flavor that comes from the grill and I know you love it as much as I do. 

It is a sign of summer.  Sitting outside with a beer or margarita, enjoying the company of family and friends and eating food with flavor that you can’t reproduce in the kitchen. 

Luckily I live in a place where summer stretches out for a long, long time.  Unfortunately though some of the time when it is hovering around 100 degrees and the humidity is sky-high it is unbearable to be out in it.  But we make do.  A few friends, cocktails and a dip in the pool can make it good again.

And as for the finished burgers…..(sorry for the picture quality, the plate was moving so fast that I had to snap it fast.

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