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Backyard Gardens

Posted on: April 18, 2010

I love my  backyard.  It is an escape.  I piddle, as my hubby calls it. This is what my flower bed looked like last year.

It isn’t a big area about 4′ x 10′ but it is enough for me to put in lots of pretty things that last from April until October.  Climbing roses, jasmine, sweet angle face, firebushes and some things that I don’t even know the name of but they were cheap at yard sales so I planted them.

As many of you also encountered, we had a very strange winter.  It snowed 3 times in the Houston area during December and January.  And I did try to protect things as much as possible but everything froze.

This is what my garden looked like after the freeze. 

It was depressing.  Everyone I spoke to said to leave it alone and it will come back.  So I did.  And they were wrong.  Very little came back.  You can’t see it but I had a bouginvilla that was about 6′ tall, it’s gone.  All of the firebushes. Gone.  The only thing we didn’t lose were the roses, the jasmine and the two things that are still green in the front (those I don’t know the name of).

I haven’t lost hope yet.  I will get it back into shape soon and it will be stunning.  It so much fun to watch the transformation as you add things and they grow and look gorgeous.  I can’t wait.


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